About Us

About us

We understand football as a way of life and as one of the most important cultural phenomena of history. It is for this reason that 15 years ago, SORICASTEL was born with the intention of providing a response to the demand that the supporters claim infinite when supporting their favorite team.

During this time our company has worked with many top clubs, and nowadays is the official supplier of several football teams in Spain and Italy, as well as other basketball teams. And the new business aspirations are projected in entering other markets, both from other sports and other countries. Our company already supplies equipment to various teams in the Portuguese league and hopes to come into force in the coming months for the rest of the European market.

We are engaged in a wide range of merchandising products: entertainment items (scarves, flags, hats …), textiles (shirts, sweatshirts, slippers, pajamas …), stationery and all kinds of accessories (pins, balls, flags …).

We guarantee the best possible deal for the customer, from the performance of the delivery of the product to the best advice in the design process. As vendors we try to offer the best service, the best quality, the best service and the best prices.

For us the most important thing to maintain a long and fruitful relationship between customer and supplier is trust. That trust which is strengthened by the passage of time and for this there has to be the right circumstances so you can start a business relationship.

Moreover, what the client asks from a supplier is strength and the capacity to ensure a good supply channel for your business, and they also require a competitive price list that guarantees sufficient profit margin for the proper functioning.